Frequently asked questions

1 - How do I get my child enrolled?

Trinity County Schools make referrals to RISE Academy based on need and fit. 

The first step for a parent that is interested in the school is to contact the students current school principal and discuss RISE Academy. 

If the school is in agreement with the parent request then they will complete an application and submit it to RISE Academy for consideration. 

The RISE principal will review the application, contact the school if necessary and then make a determination of enrolling the student into the school.

2 - What is the “Level System”

The R.I.S.E. level system is a framework for the entire program. The teacher ties responsibilities and privileges for individual students depending on the student’s age and specific needs/goals. The way the system is used for a freshman may vary from the way it is implemented for a senior. The system provides increasing rewards and responsibilities for students as they progress to higher levels with the goal that students become more aware of his/her own attitude and actions, start to monitor themselves, and ultimately progress to level 5 to transition back to regular education.

3 - How does my child exit the program?

The criteria for exiting will be determined for each student on an individual basis. 

The R.I.S.E. staff will review the student’s classroom level, attendance, academics (grades/credits/progress), and expulsion/probation criteria (if applicable) to decide when each student is ready to exit the program.  When the student reaches a minimum of a 5.5 level: staff, parents, and the student will meet and develop an exit plan.

It is very important that each student be completely ready to transition to the general education program.  ***I, as the parent, understand and agree that my student is unique and must meet all the requirements at R.I.S.E. before exiting. This ensures the best opportunity of success for my student at their home school.

4 - What support does the school offer the parents?

R.I.S.E. partners with parents in the education and development of their student. 

R.I.S.E. has two support classes each school year and parents will choose which class to attend.  Each class is 6 weeks, every Tuesday evening, and offers a free meal for participants and childcare for student siblings. 

Call the school to find out the current classes being offered.

5 - Does the school search students?

The school principal or designee may search a student, the student’s locker, backpack, or purse if there is a reasonable suspicion to believe the student may have a concealed weapon, narcotics, stolen property or contraband.  US Supreme Court Case: New Jersey V. T.L.O (1985) 469 U.S.325

6 - What is the Daily Progress Report (DPR)?

The Daily Progress Report (DPR) reflects both behavior and academics and is sent home with the student at the end of each school day.  The DPR is the primary daily communication tool between school and home. 

If parents have questions or comments, we encourage notes back or call to schedule a meeting to discuss.

7 - What is the parents responsibility for a child’s bad choices?

Parents are liable for damages caused by the willful misconduct of their student that result in death or injury to other students, school personnel or damage to school property as well as for any school property loaned to the student and willfully not returned.  A parent’s liability may be as much as $10,000 in damages and an addition $10,000 for payment of a reward, if any.  The school may withhold grades, diplomas or transcripts of the student responsible until such damages are paid or the property is returned or until completion of a voluntary work program in lieu of payment of money.  If your child commits an obscene act or engages in habitual profanity or vulgarity, disrupts school activities, or otherwise willfully defies the authority of school personnel, you may be required to attend a portion of the school day in your student’s classroom. (EC 48900.1, 48904, CC 1714.1, GC 53069.5)